BrainHack Wheelchair - 
Smart Wheelchair controlled with your Brain !

Reading your thoughts is now a reality !

So you made your way to this website, but how did you do it ?

Did your motor cortex fire up the muscle fibers in your fingers to click on a particular area of the screen, prompting the CPU inside your device to load up this page?


One day that could all seem decidedly archaic. That’s because some smart people are investing big time and money into computers that can read your thoughts as they are conceived. The goal is to have machines that know what you want and will give you the information you need before you could literally lift a finger. Imagine operating your smartphone or mobile device using only brainwaves! 

Our Technology

BrainHack Wheelchair is a Smart Wheelchair controlled with your Brain

It uses a Brainwave Reader to read your Brainwaves.

The Brainwaves are then decoded into the Android app into Attention, Meditation, Eye Blink Strength and Raw values.


The direction of the Wheelchair is then controlled with your Attention Level and Eye Blinks.

JUST FOCUS to move the robot FORWARD, and Blink your eyes twice to turn it LEFT !!



“If the human brain was so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn’t”

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